About US/Hospital History

About Us

Dr. Soulati Hospital is one of the 3 private hospitals in Urmia, Operating as a GENERAL HOSPITAL.
It has experts in the fields of Neurology, Emergency, surgery, ENT, Gynecology, Pediatry, Anesthesiology , Optometry, Pulmonary, Infectious, Psychiatry, Pathology, Orthopedy, Cardiovascular, General and Urology


The hospital has 5 floors each consists of the following sections:

• Basement Floor: Part one consisting Gynecology, childbirth and midwifery, incubator and archive room, part II including radiology and motor home.

• Ground Floor: Central Pharmacy, Emergency and Observatory rooms, Surgery, Internal and Pediatry, Vaezzadeh, Guard and Dr. Soulati's clinic.

• 1st. Floor: Lab - Reception and communication, Echo, Exercise test, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, Accounting and clearance, Nursing office, Operating room, CSR.

• 2nd. Floor: CCU, ICU, Prayer Room, E / ENT, Kadivar Internal Surgery, ICU resident physician, Personnel, Archive, Income.

• 3rd. Floor: IUI, Insurance, Warehouse, Self catering and kitchen, Conference hall, Tailor, Facilities, Oxygen room.

• Morgue is located in the alley nearby hospital.

Our Vision

Serving as the top modern hospital with the highest technology in the next five years.

Our Mission

Dr. Solati Hospital, as one of the first hospitals in early diagnostic and therapeutic service providers, relieves thousands of patients from all over Iran and neighboring countries annually


Human Dignity
Speed, Justice
Customer satisfaction
Systematic approach

Hospital History

Dr. Solati Hospital was established in 1968 by the late Dr. Najafgholi Soulati, with the development of his personal property consisting of a 10 bed hospital, including operating and surgery rooms and under the permission of the Ministry of Health and according to the medical rules of the year 1955.

He was one of the few educated men of his own time and the doctors of new medical sience in West Azarbaijan.

He sacrificed his life to serve his people. After Him, his son, Dr. Fereidon Soulati, continued his father's path and expanded the services of Dr. Solati Hospital.

With the establishment of the Hakim Najaf Medical Group in 1989 and the recruiting of physicians and stockholders and expanding the facilities and equipments, he could get the permission of a 65-bed hospital from the Medical Affairs Committee.

Using the modern technology and facilities, Dr. Soulati hospital is now serving as one of the oldest hospitals in Urmia City. Cooperating with the best specialists and educated personnel, the hospital serves to the country and the neighbors.