Dr. Soulati Hospital

About us

Dr. Solati Hospital is one of the private hospitals of Urmia city, which operates as a GENERAL HOSPITAL in the center of the city.
This hospital has the specialties of general surgery – orthopedics – urology – cardiology – eye – ear, nose and throat – internal medicine – neurology – neurosurgery – gynecology and obstetrics – special care – emergency.

Introduction of floors

This hospital is built on five floors and the departments on each floor are:

The lower floor: one part includes gynecology, childbirth and midwifery and incubator room, the second part includes radiology and motor house, and the third part includes the laundry room.

Ground Floor: Central Pharmacy – Emergency Department and under observation – Vaezzadeh Surgery and Internal Medicine Department – Security – Medical Records – Nursing Office – International Patients Department (IPD) – Dr. Solati’s office

First floor: laboratory – reception and communication – echo and exercise test – endoscopy and colonoscopy, accounting and discharge – operating room – CSR

Second floor: CCU, ICU – E/ENT departments – private coder department – ICU resident doctor – recruitment – medical documents – income – information technology – nutrition – environmental health

Third floor: insurance – IUI – warehouse – self-service and kitchen – conference hall – tailor’s house – facilities – medical equipment – oxygen room – hospital directorate

The cold house of the hospital is located in the alley next to the hospital.


We intend to be the first hospital in the next 5 years to provide the best and quality services using the highest scientific technologies and advanced equipment.

Mission of Dr. Soulati Hospital

As one of the first providers of early diagnostic and treatment services, Dr. Soulati Hospital frees thousands of patients from all over Iran and neighboring countries from pain and suffering every year.


human dignity
Speed, justice
Customer oriented
System approach

History of the hospital

Dr. Soulati Hospital was established in 1968 by the efforts of the late Dr. Najafgoli Soulati and with the expansion of his property and personal office and by obtaining a license to establish a 10-bed hospital including operating rooms and a surgical department based on the Medical Affairs Regulations Law of 1955 from the then Ministry of Health.

The late Dr. Najafgoli Soulati can perhaps be named among the few educated people of her time and one of the first doctors educated in modern medicine in West Azarbaijan province.

This dedicated doctor provided many services to the patients of this border and region in his productive years. By setting up Dr. Soulati Hospital, he provided the basis for providing services and treatment to patients for many years after him.

Sa'dia a man who is well known never dies

After the passing of several years and with the death of the late Dr. Najafagoli Soulati, his son Dr. Fereydoun Soulati continued in his footsteps and contributed to the development and improvement of the services of Dr. Soulati Hospital. By establishing Hakeem Najaf Medical Group in 1986 and attracting doctors and shareholders and developing the existing building and facilities, he obtained the license to set up a 65-bed Dr. Soulati hospital with the approval of the Medical Affairs Commission.

Currently, as one of the oldest hospitals in the city of Urmia, Dr. Soulati Hospital, using modern facilities and technology and with the cooperation of experts and experienced personnel, serves not only the patients of the province, but also the patients of neighboring provinces and even neighboring countries.

Dr. Soulati Hospital currently includes internal specialties, general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiology and gastroenterology. It is shoulder surgery.

Services are provided to patients in various departments of the hospital, including surgery, internal medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, ENT, and private rooms in the code department and special ICU and CCU departments. In addition to pharmaceutical, laboratory, gynecology, radiology and ultrasound services, this hospital has paraclinical departments including echocardiography, exercise testing, endoscopy and colonoscopy, IUI and cardiovascular rehabilitation department.