Dr. Soulati Hospital

Discharge Guide

Procedures for discharge

  • Dear fellow patient, please wait in the ward and next to your patient until the relevant department official informs you about your patient’s discharge.
  • After informing the head of the department, go to the “Accounting” unit (located on the first floor) to settle the account.
  • You can leave the hospital after submitting the discharge form to the relevant department and receiving the documents related to the patient.

Note: If you wish to receive the bill of the case to present to other organizations, the relevant documents must be approved by the hospital’s CEO (or the hospital’s internal manager or metron on her behalf), and then sealed in the accounting unit.

If you have any questions regarding the amount paid, please refer to the accounting officer located on the first floor.

If you have a complaint about the services provided in this hospital:

In the first step: go to the relevant department or shift manager

    If the problem persists:

In the second step:

  1. Register your complaint in the relevant form and drop it in the complaint box.
  2. Email the following address.


  1. If you want to act in person:
  • Complaints related to administrative parts are handled by the internal manager of the hospital.
  • Complaints related to clinical parts are handled by the current supervisor in the nursing office.