Dr. Soulati Hospital

Treatment fees at Dr. Soulati Hospital

Bed fees at Dr. SoulatiHospital

Free fee
Basic insurance obligation
General bed
14.202.000 Rials
2.759.000 Rials
Private single bed
25.564.000 Rials
2.759.000 Rials
Two private beds
39.766.000 Rials
2.759.000 Rials
CCU bed
31.028.900 Rials
6.400.000 Rials
ICU bed
46.008.900 Rials
6.400.000 Rials
Healthy baby bed
9.941.000 Rials
1.380.000 Rials
To inquire about other costs related to surgery, please call +98-44-32222525 extension 201